ON AIR - Nashville-designed on the technical level to provide top-quality sound, combined with interiors by Austin-based Stouse Design, create a moody yet warm room that envelops host and guests in cork walls accented by beautiful picture lights. All of that said, the main feature is YOU. If you have a voice, and want to share it, The Podcast Studio is a wonderful spot for you to create. Perfect for original content creation, the capturing of oral histories, mildly amusing comedy routines, the recordation of family history, or just for fun.

"LISTEN TO OUR SHOW" https://soundcloud.com/stephen-key-192770212/constellations-weekly-may-7th-2018

  • Two high-quality condenser microphones that feed into a Scarlett 18i8 USB interface. The audio is recorded on a Mac with Adobe Audition software. In other words… hit record and talk!

A real gem.