At Constellations, we strive to deliver an ecosystem that honors the world-renowned history of Sweet Auburn, while providing a relaxed, professional environment for thinkers, writers, foundations, non-profits, purpose-driven companies, historians, students, educators, advocates, and lovers of life — to live their dreams and fulfill their missions.

Our building, a stunning 1910 Neel Reid design, was originally built as The Southern School Book Depository. Books, knowledge, and the sharing of it, are the heart and soul of Constellations, and truly come to life in our North Star Library. Art on the exterior facade features an open book and the Torch of Knowledge, and these symbols also embody our ethos.

If books and knowledge inspire you, then The North Star Library is the perfect spot for your salon series, author talk, seminar, or meet-up space. From intimate groups to larger gatherings, our library and layout give an upscale and understated ambiance with the comfort of custom furniture and cool accent pieces, all centered around a gorgeous wall of bookshelves with a range of curated titles for the historically and culturally inclined.

The North Star Library is available to rent from 8am - 6pm, Monday through Friday. Please contact for after-hours & weekend rates and availability.

  • Tons of natural light, exposed brick & stellar downtown Atlanta views.
  • Perfect for small talks, book readings, client meetings, intimate dinner parties, game nights.
  • The North Star Library may be rented in conjunction with Beta, The Milky Way Bar and the Welcome Lobby to increase capacity for larger events.

Filled with beautiful books, natural light, and good vibes.